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Makapads is a Ugandan sanitary pad brand. MakaPads produce affordable sanitary pads that allows girls and woman with little to no income to buy their product.


The sanitary pads that MakaPads produce have a absorbent material that consists of dried papyrus and recycled paper which is mulched together, dried, cut and UV-sterilized. A sustainable solution that gives the MakaPads excellent absorbent qualities.


The redesign of the MakaPads and its branding was a project that was done in 2015 during my time at Design without Borders in Uganda.

I was the project leader and was responsible for managing customer relations, the design process and making the design result production ready.


The project had two design processes running in parallel. One being the redesign of the sanitary pad to be more time and cost effective in production. And the second one being the redesign of the graphics of the packaging to better communicate its content to its customers.

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